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About us

Household Solutions began operations in 2007 and since then has been offering professional cleaning services to a diverse range of clientele. The firm has since grown steadily and expanded its client base to include corporate clients, property managers and individuals.

The company is a limited liability Company. It was incorporated in 2007 as Household Solutions Limited.

The firm rebranded in 2013 to Household Solutions (Africa) Limited (HS Africa). The operations of the firm extend from Nairobi to Ruiru, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu with plans to expand even to more locations in East Africa.

  • Our Mission
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  • Why choose us?

To provide outstanding services to all our clients.

To be the leading professional cleaning services provider in Africa.

  • Integrity
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  • Care

HSAfrica customizes each of its services to suit the needs of its clients and clients will be hard pressed to find a more responsive team. We offer quality professional services at an affordable rate in an unobtrusive and efficient manner. We employ the use of the best materials, equipment and staff so that your office, working space or home properly reflects who you are.

As a professional cleaning services provider, our clients outsource their cleaning and maintenance needs to us. The concept of outsourcing has been widely embraced by companies over the years for the benefits that it offers the client. These include:

  1. Outsourcing enables the client to concentrate on their core service thereby enhancing productivity within the firm while HS Africa attends to support services.
  2. It removes the burden of management and quality-control of support services.
  3. It allows support services to be provided by firms whose core business is provision of support services thus improving the quality of services offered.
  4. The client need not employ additional staff or make arrangements for replacement of staff when unavailable. HS Africa is obligated to ensure that there always is adequate staff to do the work.

Our Strengths

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  • The Future
  • Value addition
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  • icon Safety and Environmental Considerations

We attach to our clients trained, security screened and uniformed personnel who are efficient and who deliver quality services. We have within HS Africa developed our own training programme that has ensured that we have excellent personnel who have great relationships with our clients with some of the relationships exceeding 5 years! Apart from the training they receive before deployment, we offer refresher courses regularly to all our employees.

Our firm has been recognized by Gulf African Bank by being awarded with the "Cleanest Branch Award" in 2012.

Research is undertaken on an ongoing basis on new cleaning methods, stain removal, cost cutting, and new products all with a view to improving our services for the benefit of our clients.

We also ensure that our employees are supervised regularly to ensure that the high quality of work is maintained. When we carry out specialized cleaning e.g. when we clean after interior designers or cleaning in residential homes, our supervisors are present during the entire time the cleaning is ongoing.

Having been in operation for over 6 years, the firm has good employee and equipment capacity. We provide as many members of staff and equipment as necessary to complete the work within the timelines agreed and in accordance with the wishes of the client.

HS Africa has top quality cleaning equipment and materials and continues to source for more depending on the needs of the client. We have, available to us, all machinery required in the cleaning industry.

We continually carry out intensive research on all aspects of cleaning and are in consultation with the manufacturers of the leading brands of cleaning materials and equipment to enable us to competently care for your property and items.

We at HS Africa believe that the only way is up. In this economic era, companies are outsourcing most of their services so they can concentrate on their core business. As such, the cleaning industry is getting larger by the day. Through our professionalism, excellent relationships and our attention to detail, we are placing ourselves at the very forefront of this expanding industry. Whatever the future holds, Household Solutions believes in constantly re-engineering our approach and services while maintaining the same traditions of excellence in service that have distinguished us in the industry.

At Household Solutions, we seek not only to give an excellent service to our clients but also to add value to them. We research extensively on the client’s item requiring care (e.g. carpet, floor, etc) and give the client all the information they need for care of the item. We also give tips on stain removal, hygiene and so on. A customer help-line is available so that our customers can reach us with questions and get direction.

The direction and operations of HS Africa are determined by its Board of Directors who includes persons who have extensive knowledge in management and cleaning Services. These include Nelly Wamaitha (LLB), Milcah Kithinji (LLB) (Msc.), Phyllis Warui (CPA-K, MBA), Muthoni Magayu (MBA) and Judy Njuguna (Banker).

We also have capable staff engaged in various operational matters such as finance, marketing and sales and supervision. We are all guided by our corporate governance policy and human resources policy.

In every way and in every place we do business, our foremost concern is the impact our activities have on our staff, our customers and the environment. Where our personnel has to be exposed to toxic or otherwise dangerous substances we ensure that protective gear is provided and worn. Further, it is our policy to use biodegradable products as much as is possible. We also encourage all our clients to use the same.

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